Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I can't fall asleep in this long night..I draw you out again..Today, I hold back tears yet again..I let out a're my love..My painful love, I'm hurting as if I cut my skin..I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts..My aching love, it's bitter as if I swallowed poison..I try to smile but I'm faintly aching..Today, I see the morning yet again..I draw you out again..Lingering attachments push over to me again..I still love you.. you're my love...You’re my love..My bad love, I call you but there's no answer..I beg to hold on to you but you coldly turn away..My bad love, you are leaving like vapor...I extend my hand to hold you but at some point, you already left me..

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